Ecommerce Tracking Yandex Metrika for VirtueMart

Ecommerce Tracking Yandex Metrika for  VirtueMart



This is a plugin for the VirtueMart component - e-commerce Yandex Metrika

Thanks to this plugin, you can track the actions related to e-commerce in Yandex Metrika




The plugin is installed via the standard Extension Manager: Installing Joomla in CMS

After installing the plugin, specify in the plugin settings the counter number from Yandex Metrika and the name of your store. Enable the plugin.


Transmitted data in Yandex Metrika:

detail - (A view of product details)
add - (Adding items to the cart - What items have been added to the cart by the buyer)
remove - (Removal of goods from the shopping cart by the buyer)
purchase - (The sale of one or more products - of transaction information)
coupon - (Promotional code information - discount coupons for transaction)



23/05/2019  - Updates  plugin version 1.0.1   - Fixed bugs - In category.

11/06/2019 Updates  plugin version 2.0.0   - Changed the event to transfer information about the transaction in Yandex Metrika. (This is due to the fact that many store owners have online payment on their websites, and so that the transaction is transferred to Yandex Metric - now the transfer of transaction information is transmitted immediately after the order is created in the store, and not as before from going to the finish page).

27/03/2020 - Updates plugin version 3.0.0 - Plugin migration to new standard - tag.js (new metric code)

16/08/2020 - The functionality of sending information about a transaction to Yandex Metrika has been changed. Now, the purchase information is sent to Yandex Metrika only according to the order status specified by you in the plugin parameters. This will make the sales statistics more accurate and stable.

Why is the functionality of sending information about a transaction to Yandex Metrika implemented exactly when the order status changes?

This is implemented specifically for more accurate sales statistics, since when creating an order in a store, many customers may refuse this order, but this transaction has already been sent to Yandex Metrika and because of this, the statistics are not correct, since, fact, the sale of the product did not take place. To do this, at the numerous requests of sellers, we have implemented the functionality to send information about a purchase to Yandex Metrika only for a specific order status. You yourself set in the parameters of the pligan on what status to send information to Yandex Metrika that a purchase has occurred in your online store.


This is screenshots  plugin


Additional Information


Updates  23/05/2019  -  Version 1.0.1 

Updates  11/06/2019  -  Version 2.0.0 

Updates  27/03/2020  -  Version 3.0.0 

Updates  16/08/2020  -  Version 3.5.0 

Warning: this plugin universal, plugin works on versions of Joomla  2.5 / 3.x.x  and  VirtueMart  2.x.x / 3.x.x

This plug-in is universal, It is working with different versions Joomla and VirtueMart

System requirements: Joomla! 2.5 / 3.x.x,  VirtueMart  2.x.x / 3.x.x


Plugin Version: 3.5.0


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