Privacy Policy  takes your privacy into serious consideration. It is important to us that there is an understanding as to how (the “Web Site”) will collect, maintain, and use the information that you will decide to share. This Privacy Policy will explain our online information practices, the choices you may make about how we collect and use your submitted information at this Web Site, and the ways in which you are able to contact us.

This Privacy Policy will explain JoomlaService’s policies in relation to your personal information. Please make sure that you have read this statement in its entirety. With the use of our Web Site or any of our products and services offered by JoomlaService, you unequivocally consent the use and disclosure of information as it will be presented in this Privacy Policy.


We may, at times, change this Privacy Policy and would highly recommend that you periodically review this Privacy Policy for any modifications that could have been made.


“Personal Information” – this will include your name, address, e-mail address, website/URL, telephone/cellphone number, account username and password, credit/debit card numbers and its associated billing address, expiration dates, bank account numbers as well as similar information.
“Prospect Information” – this will consist of the same information as Personal Information except that Prospect Information will be information that has been submitted by individuals who are not the subject of the data being submitted.

“Non-Identifying Personal Information” – will include the name, title/position, business address and/or telephone number of an organization’s employee. It will also include the department e-mail address that will contain no information that could identify the individual. Business Contact Information is not considered Personal Information.
“Aggregated Information” – is information where the multiple individual identities are not known and cannot be concluded from the information provided. Aggregated Information is not considered Personal Information.
Information Collection and Use

In order to make a purchase at JoomlaService, it is essential that we collect your personal information. By not collecting your personal information, it would be impossible to complete your purchase. In order to have access to our website, it is required to provide a username and password in the form. Upon registration, you will have given consent for us to send you informative e-mails. Also, accessing technical support will make use of the data you provided, so it will be necessary that you also consent to this. As for the issuance of invoices and other relevant documents, it’s necessary that the buyer inform us of their personal information, e.g.: name, address, etc.

Aside from using your personal information for analytical and administrative purposes, your information may be used for legal purposes such as the defense and protection of JoomlaService’s rights or property, a company merging or other business action.

Updating and Changing Personal Data

Upon consent to receive informative messages, e-mails, newsletters, product upgrades, updates, new products and services or available discounts, it is important that you inform us of a change or update of your e-mail or other informational changes you wish to make or have made. In the event that you are unable to make the changes yourself, we would be able to complete the changes on your request. Should you wish to not receive any news, messages or updates, it is possible unsubscribe.

Protection of Personal Information

All information submitted, gathered and stored at is completely protected. We do our best to ensure that any data collected remains undisclosed to any unauthorized person. All data is restricted only to JoomlaService and its employees. Any external service providers are entitled to your personal information, but are forbidden to partake is the misuse of the data. The appropriate action will be taken, should any individual improperly use classified data in any way.

Credit Card Information

Should a credit card be used in the purchase of products from this Web Site, the following information will be encrypted as it passes through the Internet: your name (as it appears on the credit card), the card number, expiration date and the associated billing address. JoomlaService will not be keeping a record for online credit card transactions, and will therefore not keep a record of your credit card number. The information will simply be passed to our contracted payment processing vendor (PayPal, 2Checkout). JoomlaService can have access to this information through the company that processed the payment, but only in the events of a refund, adjustment, nonpayment or disputed payment, or in the case of JoomlaService’s compliance (with JoomlaService’s discretion) with applicable law(s).

Use of Personal Information

As described in this document, JoomlaService may use and disclose Personal Information or Prospect Information. We may also use Personal Information or Prospect Information for purposes that would include: maintenance of the Web Site, fulfillment of orders, administration, product surveys, analytical/administrative purposes such as accounting, billing or audits, and informational system management, as well as similar uses. JoomlaService may also use Personal and Prospect Information by providing current and potential customers and suppliers.

We will only collect, use and disclose Personal Information or Prospect Information that is reasonable in circumstance. Personal Information or Prospect Information will be collected using only fair and lawful means.

We reserve the right to use and/or disclose Aggregated Information and Business Contact Information in manners that we consider appropriate.

From time to time, you may receive information about our various products, services or products and services we feel may be of interest to you. You will only receive this information directly from JoomlaService (or its employees/agents working on behalf of JoomlaService under confidentiality agreements). You may opt out of receiving these direct mailings by telling us when providing your Personal Information. (However, you may opt-out at any time by notifying us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


There are no products at JoomlaService that geared for purchase by children. We do not knowledgeably collect, maintain, or use Personal Information or Prospect Information from children under the age of 13. Should you be under the age of 13, do not share your Personal Information with us.

Information Maintenance and Access

Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that Personal Information or Prospect Information is accurate, complete, current and relevant to its originally intended use. Personal Information or Prospect Information is kept only for the length needed per the reasons it is being collected. After Personal Information or Prospect Information no longer has a purpose, we possess procedures that will destroy, delete, erase or convert into an anonymous form.

Upon your request, you will be given reasonable access to your Personal Information so that you can review what is stored and, if needed, make necessary corrections to it. Access may be requested by using the Contact Information below. After a request of access, you will receive your Personal Information that you’ve requested as soon as practically possible; generally no later than thirty (30) days after the request. Should you wish to change or correct your Personal Information, please contact us with a written explanation detailing which information you believe needs to be changed and/or corrected. In the event information will not or cannot be disclosed, you will be given the reasons for the non-disclosure.


Additionally, only authorized JoomlaService employees and third parties will be permitted to access any Personal Information or Prospect Information that you submitted to us. Should an employee misuse Personal Information or Prospect Information, necessary disciplinary action will be taken, to include possible termination of employment. Should any third party individual/organization misuse Personal Information or Prospect Information, necessary action will be taken, to include any possible termination of any agreement between JoomlaService and the offending individual/organization.

How We Will Contact You

If you have opted to receive communications from us, you could be contacted in the following ways.

E-Mail: With your permission, you will receive communications from JoomlaService which can include informative e-mails/newsletters about product upgrades, updates, as well as new products and services. These communications are being provided to you with special offers that could be of interest to you. A third-party program of outbound e-mail technology is used by JoomlaService to send the e-mails; as such our servers do not collect any information about you, but can collect requests to be unsubscribed from further communications.

Log Files: We at JoomlaService (and/or our contracted web analytics provider(s)) do keep track of the domains that access our Site and Services on the World Wide Web. With that, we may log I.P. addresses or other identifiers for statistical purposes. The information gathered is to allow us to gain broad demographic details for aggregate use to identify and analyze the trends and results of our marketing efforts, to help diagnose potential problems with our servers, to administer the Site and Services and analyze users’ movements. Periodically, we may share aggregate demographic information with our business partners. It must be noted I.P. addresses and other identifiers are not linked to personally identifiable information.
Links: This Site contains links to other sites. It must be noted that we at JoomlaService are not responsible for any privacy practices of other sites. We highly encourage you to be aware of when leave our Site, and to also read the privacy policies of every website that collects personally identifiable information. The privacy policy you’ve read applies solely to information collected by this Site. Newsletter: If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we will ask for contact information such as your name and e-mail address.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Simply, cookies are very small text files that contain a string of characters and are placed on your personal computer or mobile device hat uniquely identify your browser.

Why are they used, and for what?

Essentially, cookies are used to change the content of the website based on the preferences of the user. They also help optimize the websites that use them. They also store information that simply the Internet browsing experience. Specific uses could be:

Allowing for you to remain logged into a website after you have left

Adjusting content and website preferences based on your history. Cookies allow for devices to be recognized and display an adjusted and custom content layout based on user’s preferences.
Cookies help compile statistics that help understand how individuals use the Internet and websites. This in turn helps developers improve content and structure.
Which cookies are actually used?

Cookies come in two basic types: persistent and session. Persistent cookies will remain on the hard drive for the length of time that was specified in the parameters of the cookie or until a user has manually removed them. Session cookies, however, are used only temporarily and they cease functioning at the point the website or browser has been closed.

Is personal data included in cookies?

If a need arises that personal information must be collected, it’s required by data protection laws that the users are fully informed about personal data collection. Otherwise, personal data is coded in a way where it is completely inaccessible to unauthorized people.

How do I manage cookies?

Out of the box, it’s possible to place cookies on a browser, but these settings can be changed in such a way that block cookie services or where a prompt will appear each time a cookie is in use. Detailed information about cookies and how their services work can be found in the settings tab in each browser.

Contact Information

Any and all questions about access to your Personal Information or Prospect Information, our collection, use, management, disclosure of Personal Information or Prospect Information or this Privacy Statement can be made to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Privacy Statement is effective as of March 25, 2014.