Terms of Delivery

After clicking the "Buy Now" button you will be redirected to the  website to complete the payment.


After completing the payment you will be redirected back to our website, where a download link will be available.

the Extension are delivered instantly after payment.

the Seller is obliged to provide access to download after payment extensions, and key for the specified domain.
Under delivery is providing the opportunity to download the software (extension), and get the key for it, unless the licensing terms provide for it and the order is paid.

Not shipping means other than the provision of access for download or send it by e-mail (if necessary) by prior arrangement with the buyer.
Transfer of digital materials on electronic media, email, or other transportation companies is not implemented.

The fact of delivery is access the extension for donwload with notification to the client on the given access by e-mail.
All actions of the client, after receiving from the administration site letter about the change of order status and provide access, are agreed that the client has received delivery of the purchased extension. Even if he did not perform the download of the purchased extension.

All extension announced support, which means that the client will be able to access the order in his office for a period of not less than a specified period of support in the description of the extension. 
Usually for extensions of this 365 days or more and for templates of 180 days or more.

the Seller is obliged to provide access to the order with the ability to download (get) the extension in the paid order (section "My orders" in your account on the site) for the entire period of support, if not violated the rules of the license agreement. . 
In case of violation of the rules of the license agreement, the extension is deemed paid delivered and the transaction is closed, and the seller has the right to cancel the order and to refuse further service the customer has violated the terms of the license agreement.

To gain access to your orders, you need to log in (only authorized users have access to the personal Cabinet with a list of orders) and go to the My account - Orders.

There will be available to You the necessary information.